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Routers can be very complicated, but they work on simple principles. If we cover the basics and some common problems here, hopefully, you can solve many of the issues we encounter daily. Since different routers have different interfaces, it is impossible to give you specific instructions on making changes.

We'll show you what to do, but I'm afraid it's up to you to figure out how. Your router's manual or support website should have the answers. Generally, I don't particularly appreciate doing non-actionable tutorials, but the sheer variety of routers out there makes it impossible to do so. 

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Common Router Problems and How To Fix Them
As we have seen, there are different methods to know if a router works well. However, there can also be many problems and solutions. We will show some options that we have to try to make the router work as well as possible.
Can't Access Internet

First, check the device you are using to connect. Are you the only one who cannot access the Internet, or are other devices affected? If it's just that device, reboot it and retest.

If it's all devices, check that the modem and router are powered on and active. Usually, both will show white or green lights. Amber or orange lights are warning lights, and red lights are generally more severe.

If the router or modem lights are all normal, turn off both devices for 10 seconds. Power them on again; give them at least 60 seconds to download the ISP configuration files and start working if all lights are green retest.

Problems with the Wi-Fi

If Wi-Fi-connected us and the connection has stopped working correctly, we will restart the device with which we were connected and restart the wireless router. If this does not work, the next thing is to check that the router is emitting a signal, that is, if we can connect to the Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi connects us, but there is no traffic, the IP address is probably incorrectly assigned, which we can check according to the first step (PC Configuration).

Other problems may have to do with the wireless router configuration, and in most cases, we will solve them by updating the firmware of the router or returning the wireless router to the default configuration.

DNS server configuration

Our network configuration may have to do with Internet connection problems that affect us. Modifying the DNS servers' configuration can avoid overloads and drops that are making it difficult for us to send and receive data packets. Therefore, we recommend using the OpenDNS service, which offers wide availability and an extra level of security since it blocks malware and phishing. We will go to Start> Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center> Change adapter settings to change the DNS servers. From here, by accessing the Properties, we can modify the TCP / IP configuration by inserting the DNS servers manually.

Can't Access Internet but not Website

This is a widespread occurrence, but it is not necessarily due to the router. This symptom is usually caused by DNS (Domain Name Service) that converts URLs to IP addresses.

1. First, check if it is a single device or multiple devices that can access the network but not the web pages.

2. If it's a single device, reboot it. If it's a phone, restart the phone. If it is a computer, restart the computer or disable the network card and enable it again.

3. For multiple devices, check the lights on both the router and the modem. Reboot if there is any problem.

4. If you are using your ISP's DNS server, restart the modem.

5. If you use third-party DNS through your router, please reboot the router.

6. If this doesn't work, log in to the device controlling DNS and add and as DNS addresses and try again. 

These are Google's DNS servers. If yours are already configured in Google, try and for OpenDNS.

Changing the DNS server or updating the DNS with a reboot should fix the problem. If not, changing the DNS server will surely do the trick. Depending on how the network is configured, DNS will be controlled by the router or the modem. Check both to see which of them is doing DNS tasks.

Slow Internet Connection

Slow internet connections are incredibly frustrating, but they don't always mean something is wrong. Sometimes too many people are trying to do too much at once. Some necessary steps for troubleshooting your router will show you.

Check access to cables. Is it also slow or fast? If Ethernet is too slow, the ISP may be having problems. You can reboot both the router and the modem to be sure.

Log into your router and see how many people are connected. The router must have the ability to display connected devices or a network map. This is also useful to see if someone is using your wireless network that they shouldn't be.

Perform the checks, as mentioned above, to check and change the wireless channel. There may be a new connection that interferes with yours. Change the channel if necessary.

Consider moving the antennas or the router itself. Getting the router position correct takes practice. Experiment with positioning to get the best result for your building. The bigger the house, the more in the center you need to place the router. Tilt the antennas for optimal speed if you can too.

Router not working

Suppose you're still having network problems but can't figure out why my last troubleshooting tip includes a factory reset. This can eliminate any configuration or firmware errors that may interfere with your network. However, it is a last resort step and should only be attempted after all other tips have been exhausted.

In addition to resetting the router, it will return all settings to factory defaults. If you have configured your network to your specific needs, you will have to configure it one more time. If you have to perform a factory reset, it may be worth noting all the changes you made before doing so. Also, note that the default username and password will again return.

Flip your router over so you can see the back. You should see a hole somewhere with the name Reset. Put something long and thin in the spot, press firmly until you feel movement, and hold for 10 seconds. Release and let the router reboot. This can take a minute or two, depending on whether the router updates itself or not. Retest once fully booted up.

Basic router troubleshooting can fix most home network problems and is worth experimenting with. You now have some ideas of what to do if you want to give it a try.

Our Router Support

Having problems with the Internet is something that can happen very frequently. We try to surf the net, connect our devices, and we see that some problem occurs and it does not let us. This can be due to very different causes. It may be that our devices are wrongly configured, that there is a problem with the operator, and that the signal is weak. Here are some of the popular router brands that we offer support.

1. Netgear Router Support

2. Belkin Router Support

3. Linksys Router Support

Netgear Router Support
New routers that have not yet connected to the Internet see the installation guide and user manual with the router. The manuals can also be found on the NETGEAR Technical Support website.
Our Netgear Router Support and Services

1. Netgear router is not working

2. Netgear router problem

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6. Netgear router stopped working

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28. Netgear wireless router troubleshooting guide

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30. Netgear router r6250 troubleshooting

Fix Netgear Router Problems

To find your product, see

If your router has successfully connected to the Internet in the past, check that your Internet access provider (ISP) signal is not the problem.

1. Turn off the wireless function and connect your computer to the router with an Ethernet cable.

2. Restart your computer and check if you have an Internet connection.

3. If you still don't have an Internet connection, restart the router and any modems in use.

4. You can also repeat this process with your computer directly connected to the modem instead of the router.

If you still do not have an Internet connection, contact your Internet access provider.

If you can access the Internet using a wired connection but cannot do so wirelessly, the wireless network may not be broadcasting a signal.

Fix Netgear Router Problems
There is no doubt that routers play a significant role in accessing the Internet. Routers act as a medium between users and servers to exchange data. Speaking of routers, Belkin is one of the best router manufacturers that make connectivity devices. Belkin Wireless routers are widely used worldwide and are also one of the best router manufacturers right now. However, recently we have come across some users complaining about the issues with the Belkin router. Some of the problems are listed below:
Our Belkin Router Support

1. Belkin router is not working

2. Belkin router troubleshooting

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11. Belkin wireless router problems

12. Belkin router blocking websites problems

13. Belkin ac1200 router problems

14. Belkin router authentication problem

15. Belkin router troubleshooting orange light

16. Belkin router troubleshooting red light

Fix Belkin Router Problems

Since it is impossible to troubleshoot the Belkin router without accessing the router's control panel, we have decided to share with you the best method to access the Belkin wireless router using the default gateway -

1. Before entering the Belkin Router by the process below, there are a few things to consider. First, your computer must be connected to the Belkin router via a wired or wireless connection.

2. Second, you need to have the IP address to help you access the Belkin router dashboard from where you can make further changes. So, if you have both of these things, then follow the steps given below.

3. Setting up the connection between the router and the computer.

Well, the first thing to do before starting the connection is to connect the Belkin router to your computer via an Ethernet cable.

Linksys Router Support
Every router device stops sometimes working, just like Linksys routers. If your router doesn't work with a new modem, then that's quite an annoying problem. This could happen early on, or you will unexpectedly discover that you have lost connectivity. Suspecting a faulty Internet port or Ethernet cable has produced few, if any, results to mention. You still face the same router to the modem connection problem. Separately, the router and the modem both work fine. Therefore, you are most likely looking for ways to deal with this Linksys router-modem conflict. Follow the methods discussed below to do it.
Our Linksys Router Support

1. Linksys router troubleshoot

2. Linksys router troubleshooting blinking lights

3. Linksys router stopped working

4. Linksys router connection issues

5. Linksys Wi-Fi problems

6. Linksys router dns problem

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17. Linksys router range problems


Fix Linksys Router Problems

We've all been in a situation where we need to email a vital document urgently, and our Internet stops working at the same moment. Aren't we? Here are some of the solutions related to your Linksys router that can help fix the issues. Use these methods to fix the Linksys router problems.

Power Cycle your Linksys Router

The power cycle is one of the quickest ways to fix Linksys router problems. To power cycle Linksys router, you need to turn off the router and remove the power cord from it. Wait for 30 seconds before plugging it back to it and turn it on.

Verifying the Online connection is Busy.

Connect the computer to the cable modem using an Ethernet cable. If your personal computer has an Internet connection, you can continue to the next step.

Configure Linksys router

NOTE: Many cable modems have their USB ports configured with the ISP to give your computer an online connection. If the physical link is through a USB port, you will not join through an Ethernet link. Contact your ISP to configure the modem's Ethernet port.

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2) Connecting

In this example, the Linksys E4200 is used.

1: Connect the Cable modem into the WAN or Internet interface of the router.

Configure Linksys

2: Connect a computer to some of the routers numbered ports (1, 2, 3, or 4). If you are using a wireless computer, you will need to connect it first with an Ethernet cable.

Note: In this example, a computer is connected to port number two.

The way to configure a Linksys router

3: Plug your router's power adapter into the power socket.

3) Checking the router LEDs

After linking the devices together, check the lights on the front panel of the router. Be sure that the lights corresponding to the ports the Ethernet cables are attached to're on.

4) Establishing a Linksys router for wired Internet connection

Step 1:

Access the router's configuration page. Open any of the following web browsers: Internet Explorer®, Mozilla Firefox®, or Safari®. Input "" from the address bar and then press Enter.

Measure 2:

Next, you'll be requested for your access data. Leave the Username field blank and enter "admin" in the Password field, and click OK.

Common FAQ's

1. Router not working?

A. Try power cycling the router or contact the manufacturer if your router is on warranty.

2. Router issues with the Internet?

A. Restart the router to see if the problem is fixed. If it doesn't, then contact your internet service provider (ISP). Before getting your ISP, check whether there is an issue with one Website you are trying to access or it's the same with others. Check internet speed as well.

3. Wi-Fi not working?

A. If you do not connect after this message, several things can be verified: that you do not have a fixed IP (another device could use it on your network), turn the router off and on (it would also be advisable to do it with the devices at that time connected) or, ultimately, check that our connection has been configured to limit the number of devices that can connect to it.

4. Connection saved, but not connecting to Wi-Fi?

A. This is a standard error when the password is misspelled. But it can also be due to the type of network encryption, which is insecure (WEP), and that our devices do not support it. If so, just change it on the router.

5. Wi-Fi connection symbol in gray?

A. To solve this problem, you can go to the Wi-Fi settings on your mobile and press for a long time on the network you want to connect. There you will have to select 'Modify network' and activate the advanced options. In 'IPv4 Settings', you will have to change the protocol to 'Static IP' and make sure that DNS 1 is and DNS 2 is Another more drastic option is to reset the terminal to factory settings.

6. Computer or Laptop does not detect the Wi-Fi network?

A. If, after configuring the network from the settings, it still does not work. It may be that it is a defect in the router's antenna or in the mobile itself (the latter case can be verified by trying to connect to another network).


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