About Us

If you look at your surroundings, then you would notice major changes, in various fields, especially in the technology field. If you look over the past few years then you would find that many electronics gadgets have come with multiple and latest features, “Router” is

also, an innovative electronic item, which is available in the market with latest features and advantages to deliver you easy connection service, for your homes and offices.


Without any doubt, the router is a brilliant and usable networking device to forward data packets between computer networks. But, for a normal or non-technical user, it may be quite difficult to handle, or maybe you can face any issue to operate your router. If you are feeling worried after reading that, and then leave your worries behind, because here we are Router Support to make sure that your router device is running appropriately by offering a different range of online support.


Online Router Support is one of the leading premium, and independent remote technical support providers in the USA and they are active to provide their services since 2011. Our target is to provide best router support services with high quality and fast solutions, for the issues and trouble faced by router users. Our quick support solutions and delivery system help you to operate this device easily in an effective way.


We believe in delivering the Router Support service for all leading router brands. Here we have mentioned top router brands which are included in our Router support service, take a look for them.

● TP-Link ● Asus ● Netgear ● D-Link ● Eero Home Wi-Fi System ● AVM ● Belkin ● Medialink ● Linksys ● Trendnet

Why Choose Us?

We have highly professional staff with years of experience and technical knowledge in handling or operating routers and resolving all kinds of errors relevant to the router. We are dedicated to delivering a solution that meets the client requirements, budget, expectations and needs. Satisfying our clients is our top priority, and we put all possible efforts to support our clients.


We are reputed Router solution provider since 2011, and we have a respected leader in the technology industry and community. We are connected with the large number of users, who year after year put their trust in us.

Quick Response

We are capable of delivering our user’s on-time response regarding their doubts and queries. You can leave your comments about your queries and doubts in the comment section, and we will provide you with a quick response. If required, we will post another solution to rectify your problem.

24/7 Availability

Lost internet connection? Wi-Fi not working? We know how frustrating it is when you are in the middle of something important, and your router stops working, and this is the reason why we offer 24/7 round the clock support 365 days. We work during the weekends and even on holidays to make sure your internet remains intact.

Experienced Team

Our router support team of engineers is highly-qualified, licensed, insured, bonded, and has more than a decade of experience in fixing and troubleshooting router issues for some of the best and popular brands such as Belkin, Netgear, DLink, Tp Link etc. Are you among the users who are facing continuous issues with their router and not able to get the proper solutions? Don’t worry, our team of router experts are here to help.